Call for Tender digitisation of photographic materials from Sound and Vision

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision aims to contract a single service provider for the digitisation of photographic negatives (colour and black-and-white) from its collections and the development and production of a web-based selection tool. 

Size and scope

3 lots of negatives for digitisation:

  • Maximum of 165.000 35mm black&white negatives
  • Maximum of 150.000 35mm colour negatives
  • Maximum of 135.000 6 x 6 colour negatives

2 lots of sheets of 35mm negatives for digitisation:
Prior to the digitisation of the individual 35mm negatives described above, the complete – much larger – 35mm collections will need to be digitised as digital contact sheets. 

  • approximately 35.000 sheets with 35mm black&white negatives
  • approximately 27.000 sheets  with 35mm colour negative negatives

the design and production of a web-based selection tool 
The 35mm collection will not be digitised in its entirety, it is envisaged that 1 out of every 3 or 4 negatives will be selected for digitisation, depending on content. Prior to the digitisation of the individual 35 mm negatives, the digital contactsheets will therefore need to be presented in a web-based selection tool, which will allow Sound and Vision to select and mark the chosen negatives. 

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