Library of Congress releases report on Flickr pilot

After 9 months The Library of Congress (LoC) released a detailed report on their Flickr pilot. In January 2008 the LoC and Flickr launched Flickr Commons. They uploaded a few thousand historical photos which have drawn more than 10 million views, 7,166 comments and more than 67,000 tags, according to the new report from the project team. The project had an unexpected impact:

“The pilot spurred many positive yet unexpected outcomes—especially Flickr members’ willingness to devote great effort to photo-related detective work and their level of engagement with historical images. Further, Flickr members have often drawn on personal histories to connect with the pictures, including memories of farming practices, grandparents’ lives, women’s roles in World War II, and the changing landscape of local neighborhoods”

Photo: Library of Congress, Germany Schaefer, Washington AL (baseball), 1911.

If you want to read in more detail how the LoC organised and experienced the pilot, you can download the whole Flickr report LoC here.

This entry was posted by Nikki Timmermans on Tuesday, December 16th 2008