Museum collection on your Facebook with ArtShare tool

ArtShare is a good example of how institutions can effectively work together to make their collections online available to a broad public. Share your cultural taste, make new friends and help the Brooklyn Museum work out their beta version.

The Brooklyn Museum is very busy finding new ways to bring greater visibility to their collection. Recently they started ArtShare. With ArtShare you can select works from the Brooklyn Museum collection to display at random on your Facebook profile, so your friends will see what kind of art you like. And because Facebook is all about sharing, you can also add your own artwork: “because social networking is about connecting and seeing what others contribute to the social fabric, anyone can also use ArtShare to upload their own work and share it with others”, says Shelly Bernstein, who started the project.

This not only enables me and you to upload work for others to show. Other institutions can also join ArtShare. And this has already happened very quickly. V&A added up some objects, complimenting the Brooklyn staff: “The Brooklyn did a great job with the application and then took it a step further by opening it up for other museums to add some of their collections to it as well as individual artists. This very collegiate attitude is hopefully going to spread across the sector with more data and technology sharing efforts in the future”, says Seb Chan from the Powerhouse Museum.

In their enthousiasm, they almost forgot the copyright question. They stopped uploading the contemporary collection and gave everybody a phonecall. If you take a look at the artworks now available, they did a great job. I now have a nice photo of Snoop Dogg, art proved on my Facebook!

If you are on Facebook, you can add ArtShare here.

This entry was posted by Nikki Timmermans on Monday, January 14th 2008