Remembring the First World War with the Commons on Flickr

Today, November 11th 2008, is the 90th anniversary of Armistice Day, the day the First World War came to an end. In addition to the two newest members of the Commons on Flickr, the Australian War Memorial and the Imperial War Museum, all members shared their photographs under the Armistice Day” tag.

 As Nordström of the Geoges Eastman House puts forward beautifully:

“Today these pictures feel curiously like memory, though it is the photographs themselves we remember rather than the people and events they depict. [...] This is why we invite you to look, and look hard, at these fragments assembled from photograph collections around the world. From them we may piece together some notion of this, our first Modern trauma, and find in them, perhaps, the roots and resonances of our current dilemmas” – Alison Nordström, Curator of Photographs, George Eastman House

Also the Nationaal Archief and Spaarnestad Photo contribute to this unique online collection with some gorgeous and intersting photographs.

Photo: Eerste Wereldoorlog, vluchtelingen (1918) on Flickr.

This entry was posted by Nikki Timmermans on Tuesday, November 11th 2008