Open Video Conference – Audiovisual Archive BoF introduction

How can archives become a key node in the consumption of media in the changing media landscape? Audiovisual archives across the globe are engaged in large-scale migration programmes. An important driver behind the investments related to these programmes is the physical state of the analogue carriers; the films, the tapes, the optical discs and so on. Migration is a way to preserve the information on these physical carriers and securing access for future generations, a key mission of these ins (...)

Open Video Conference Report

 - The first Open Video Conference was held at NYU Law School on June 19-20. Eminent speakers and practitioners shared their thoughts on the emerging open video movement. The impressive line-up inc (...)

Open Images at the Europeana Plenary Conference

 - On September the 15th Open Images will be presented as a case study and launched as a public beta during the Europeana Plenary 2009 meeting in The Hague: Europeana is about ideas and inspi (...)

Video Fingerprinting – State of the Art report

 - Video-fingerprinting systems detect whether a particular segment of video is (partly) based on the same original video as video footage in a database of reference videos. Typical applications th (...)

Open Beelden

Attribution - Een open mediaplatform dat toegang biedt tot een selectie archiefmateriaal voor creatief hergebruik.